Triumphantly celebrating the enduring power of your authentic voice…

By writing and publishing your book.

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Triumphantly celebrating the enduring power of your authentic voice

by writing and publishing your book.

by writing and publishing your book.

You have a book in you.

It can open doors, sell your services for you, and establish you as a thought leader in your industry. We can help you write that book.

Since its inception in 2011, Lisec Ghostwriting has helped dozens of entrepreneurs, founders, executives, and coaches write, publish, and launch international bestselling books on everything from internet marketing to nutrition to public relations to US history.

These books have directly led to coverage in major news outlets such as NBC and The New York Times as well as featured interviews on popular podcasts such as The Pomp Podcast and Mixergy. Lisec-produced books have also generated five-figure speaking engagements at industry conferences and even TED Talks. And through all of that, these new authors have found more clients and customers for their businesses.

Lisec Ghostwriting has turned niche experts into world-renowned names, growing their social media following, increasing their revenue, and creating velvet-rope opportunities. Now it’s your turn.

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In recent years, some of our clients have:

Averaged 10,000 copies sold per month
Raised their pricing to $1 million per client
Achieved a 70X return on their investment in ghostwriting

Lisec Ghostwriting: The best way to write a book

Publishing is easier than ever, but writing a good book is hard work

Sure, you can copy and paste some old blog posts, hire an eBook formatter and a graphic designer for a few dollars and throw your book on Amazon. But it won’t get the results you want.

At Lisec Ghostwriting, we make sure that every book, every chapter, and every paragraph we write motivates your readers to take a specific action. Even if your book is about business etiquette, we want it to be as much of a page-turner as a good spy novel.

This ensures that your book gets read all the way to the end, earning better reviews online and converting readers into potential clients.

It’s not just any book.

It’s your book, and it should sound like you.

We start with in-depth, one-on-one un-interviews, a casual conversation that helps us gather the knowledge that you want to share and find the fresh ideas and game-changing insights that will make your book stand out. We then work with you to outline a chapter-by-chapter structure to ensure that your book will keep readers hooked. Finally, we gather transcripts of the un-interviews and any material you have already written to begin writing. This process, called “Hypnowriting,” was developed by founder Joshua Lisec, the only Certified Ghostwriter and Certified Hypnotist in the world and ghostwriter behind more than 80 full-length books. The goal is to create a book that sounds like you, even as it is built on a proven framework guaranteed to persuade your audience and generate new leads for your business.

(Ghost)publishing your book to convert readers into clients

When your manuscript is complete, we can help you get it to readers yourself, if you want.

While some of our clients choose to go the traditional publishing route, others like to keep control of their book.

Through our all-inclusive Ghostpublishing approach, we help you launch from start to finish a commercially viable book that is memorable, useful, practical, hypnotic, and even entertaining. We publish your book under your own publishing imprint—your business—as a:

Dust-jacketed hardcover
& eBook!

As a result, your literary masterpiece is available in more than 100 countries, you keep 100 percent of the royalties, and you retain all rights to the book.

We can also help you market your book, using the same launch funnel that our authors have used to sell tens of thousands of copies, reach Wall Street Journal bestseller status in hyper-competitive book categories, and convert readers into new clients.

We give you everything you need to pitch and land high-profile media and podcast interviews, including a curated list of journalists so you can find your audience.

We can also supply you with everything you need to pitch and land high-profile speaking gigs, including a curated list of bookers and producers, your keynote speech topic, and discussion questions to convert skeptics into evangelists for your message and your book.

What if you don’t really want all the PR from a book?

What if you just want B2B sales qualified leads coming to you?

We can help. A hyper-persuasive book can bring your customer acquisition cost to less than zero, meaning prospects are buying your book and thus paying you to pitch them your services. And because Lisec Ghostwriting crafts and curates your message using proven techniques of persuasion, readers are primed for your pitch and even eager to receive it.

Lisec Ghostwriting: The best way to make money from your book

As a ghostpublished author with Lisec Ghostwriting, you are also eligible for translation into other languages and international release through traditional publishers.

Our clients have created additional revenue sources from their books by selling the translation...

…and publishing rights direct to foreign presses—including the biggest in their regions—to reach new, relevant markets in Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French, Arabic, Dutch, Russian, and Vietnamese.

We also have a track record of producing award-winning and award-finalist authors...

…including multiple Readers’ Favorite Gold Medalists, the largest annual worldwide book awards.

We’ve also helped our ghostpublished clients convert their books into courses and consults...

…to not simply add but multiply the revenue they generate from their books. This is how a $20 book buyer becomes a $99 course buyer, then a $10,000-plus client.

In an increasingly digitized, virtual world, giving readers a tangible, physical product they can experience further elevates you above the free content-reliant competition.

This is why our clients’ businesses so often experience a sharp growth trajectory upon publication of their books—not to mention the mainstream media exposure.

Lisec Ghostwriting tells the most compelling, most newsworthy, and most profitable version of an entrepreneur’s story in their voice.


Then schedule a Profitable Book Audition call with the Lisec Ghostwriting team where you’ll learn how we can help you leverage your book to book yourself solid.