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Since 2011, we’ve helped clients unlock, unpack, and unleash their brilliance into a tangible tool that turns first-time readers into high-ticket clients.

About Joshua Lisec

Joshua Lisec is a #1 international and Wall Street Journal bestselling ghostwriter who has ghostwritten more than 80 books since 2011 on everything from metabolic health and internet marketing to political tell-alls and current events reporting that have been translated into several languages.

After having multiple novels published by an independent publishing house, Joshua turned his talents to helping others achieve their own literary dreams.

As a leading expert on author voice authenticity, Joshua has helped executives, coaches, inventors, multimillionaire and billionaire entrepreneurs, philanthropists, politicians, and religious leaders find the best way to say what’s on their minds and in their hearts.

The only Certified Ghostwriter (California State University, Long Beach) and Certified Hypnotist (National Guild of Hypnotists), Joshua teaches a masterclass on hypnowriting, a method of ghostwriting that uses the techniques of hypnosis to structure a draft and refine a book. His persuasive-writing courses,
including “The Best Way To Say It,” have more than 2,700 students worldwide.

Joshua has been featured in

Among numerous other outlets.

“Joshua Lisec is an expert on ghostwriting and getting published. Talk to him. You know you’re getting expert advice from somebody who’s done it a number of times.”
Scott Adams
Dilbert Creator & New York Times Bestselling Author
“Joshua Lisec started at an early age, gives all the best tips on how to get started, makes a great living, and you can as well."
James Altucher
Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author
"Joshua Lisec is the #1 ghostwriter in the world."
Ed Latimore
Retired Professional Boxer, Influencer, Author
“I interviewed 300 ghostwriters. But I chose Joshua Lisec. Every time, I think, ‘Wow, I couldn’t have written it better.’ As a CEO and entrepreneur, I always have a vision. A lot of writers fail when they work with high-level people. They say, ‘I need more information.’ If I have to spend 10 hours explaining every detail, why would I even need a ghostwriter? They can’t fill the gap. Joshua can."
Michael Ambros
CEO, eKomi – The Feedback Company – The World's Largest Authentic Reviews & Ratings Provider

Joshua is also the creator of Ghostpublishing, a new way for authors to get their books out that combines the benefits of self-publishing and traditional Big Five publishing without the drawbacks of either.

Our goal isn’t just to help you write a book, however. We want to help you find the book that will establish your reputation, build your business and open doors to further opportunities. Our clients have used their books to build million-dollar businesses from scratch, land top media appearances, and book paid speaking engagements.

Some clients have averaged 10,000 copies sold per month, while others have used the opportunities from their book to achieve a 70-times return on their investment.

Our authors want the world to know Joshua Lisec produced their book because that reflects well on their own personal brand and drives more book sales.

There's a reason why clients such as Robert Lufkin MD choose to feature my name on the cover of their books. It's a privilege that other ghostwriters don't have.


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