Argus Leader: A Ghostwriter Explains Why Kristi Noem’s New Memoir Might Be Hard to Find

Joshua Lisec talked to the Sioux Falls Argus Leader about how errors in the memoir may have occurred and how ghostwriting works.

The reason for the price adjustment could be the result of a large number of sales or possibly to encourage more sales, according to renowned ghostwriter Joshua Lisec.

Lisec, No. 1 international and Wall Street Journal bestselling ghostwriter of 88 books, provided a little more background and perspective on the ghostwriting process. 

“So, most people believe that a ghostwriter writes a book, the author puts your name on it and that’s that,” Lisec said. “Unfortunately, that is exactly how it is most of the time with public figures.”

He stated because of their busy schedules, public figures have very limited time to meet with their ghostwriter. This, Lisec said, could lead to errors or invalid information in the book.

“Memoirs are the anti-tabloid…A tabloid is negative, mostly fake news about a person,” Lisec said. “A public figure’s autobiography, this celebrity memoir, is mostly fake but positive news stories, anecdotes, claims and sensationalism about the individual.”

The intent, Lisec said, of these memoirs is “not to be accurate but to create rapport with the general public reading.” It’s a novelization of their life story, as he put it. 

Noem’s memoir is no different, according to Lisec. He said it’s likely Noem’s ghostwriter only had a few hours with Noem, which could be the reason for the inaccuracies and surprising story about her dog Cricket. 

Lisec said what’s even more interesting is that when Noem was questioned about the authenticity of meeting with Kim Jung-Un in a May 6 interview with CBS News, she opened with an unnecessary adverb saying, “I specifically have worked on policy for over 30 years.”

That, Lisec said, is a “tell for deceit or exaggeration.”

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Joshua Lisec

Joshua Lisec is a #1 international and Wall Street Journal bestselling ghostwriter who has ghostwritten more than 80 books since 2011 on everything from metabolic health and internet marketing to political tell-alls and current events reporting that have been translated into several languages

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