What Do Experts With a Queue of Clients Waiting to Work With Them All Have in Common?

They’ve All Authored an Authority Book That’s Catapulted Them to Legendary Status

Now here’s your chance to get Wall Street Journal bestselling Ghostwriter and #1 international Amazon bestselling author Joshua Lisec working with you to write and launch your book.

There’s only 5 spots per cohort.


Joshua Lisec's Author•ity Accelerator

The Done-with-You Book Writing & Publishing Experience You’ve Been Waiting For

There are only 5 spots per cohort.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

So if you don’t want to miss out, you should act now.

As soon as all 5 spots are claimed and this program is SOLD OUT, you’ll have to wait several months for the next cohort

What People Say

You Already Know This, Right?

You already know . . .

That the best way to get everything you want in business and in life — to make all your dreams come true — is to develop your authority.

That’s why the #1 most important marketing strategy for your business is authoring an important book.

No other tactic or tool gives you the authority, credibility, and status as the “go-to” in your industry.

Because you may be an expert, but you're not an authority if you don't have a book.

The right book is your all-access pass to prove you know your stuff. It puts you head, shoulders, knees, and toes above the rest.

Authoring a book opens doors to countless opportunities that may not have been accessible otherwise. It can lead to speaking engagements, media appearances, collaborations, and partnerships, all of which can multiply your income and put you in front of the right eyeballs.

Your book enables you to leave a lasting impact, a testament to your contribution to the field. Your book is your tangible representation of your life's work and legacy.

Now, picture this all-too-common situation:

Imagine you write (or hire a ghostwriter to write) an incredible work of literary genius.

…Except it’s the WRONG book.

Sure, it reads OK, but there’s no “oomph.”

Nobody cares.

It sells maybe 20 or 30 copies on your publication date and fizzles into the Amazon abyss forever after.

This is because you bet all your time and money on the wrong book.

And it happens a lot.

Writing, publishing, and marketing a book is too important to get wrong.

That’s why even though every entrepreneur knows they NEED a book, so few invest the time and money to FINISH theirs.

This risk of writing the wrong book is too high — even though the reward is so much higher.

“What reward?” you may ask.

To give you an idea . . .

Unlike most authors, my clients have used the authority books I, Joshua Lisec, ghostwrote for them to:

BTW, many invested 6 figures to work with me, but boy did it pay off.

But if you choose the wrong path to publication . . .

Or write the wrong book . . .

And even if you write it well, you get none of the above fortune and glory.

You get 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗 instead.

But you realize this cannot wait.

It’s not good enough to be “good” at what you do anymore.

You must become more well-known than the competition.

And the best way to do that is to write the best, most valuable book in your industry — one that will brand you as the voice for your niche for the next 20 years.

Except you don’t know what that book is.

The title . . . subtitle . . . the blurb on the back cover . . . the full book description that everybody will see on Amazon . . . the table of contents, the stories, insights, exercises, and upsells . . .

You’ve got plenty of ideas for all these, but you don’t know which direction is the right direction that will get you the high ROI outcomes you want.

Until now.

Joshua Lisec's Author•ity Accelerator

This is the best way to write your authority-building book if you don't have a 6-figure ghostwriter budget.

In Author•ity Accelerator, the world’s #1 ghostwriter and 80-time book ghostwriter Joshua Lisec will help you solve the toughest problems standing between you and that coveted spot as the go-to authority in your industry.

And you, as an Author•ity Accelerator author, are going to get a done-with-you version of the Lisec Experience for which authors are now paying MORE than $107,000 for.

Here’s how it works and what you get.


You need to know that you need a book, before committing to this.

If you think you might need a book, this is not for you.

This is for people who know they need a book.

You may not have even started your book yet, and maybe you haven’t even come up with the title yet.

But you just want it done. You want it all done.

But you don’t want a ghostwriter doing all the work for you.

You’re willing to put in five-plus hours a week on your book to get it done within a few months, as long as you have a proven process that guarantees you’ll get it done on time and on budget.

Sound like you?

If yes… apply now.

As soon as you apply, and if you are approved, you’ll begin the onboarding process in the next Accelerator cohort.

One of the first things you’ll do prior to your cohort is meet one-on-one with Joshua Lisec.

Having this meeting is unmissable.

You’ll share what you want to cover in your book, then Joshua will tell you the best direction to take your book so you can write the most useful book when the cohort begins.

Because you could have countless book ideas, but there’s only one that’s going to leave the biggest impact and create the most profitable outcomes for you.

Of course, Joshua is going to tell you your title, subtitle, and logline as well. 

Joshua, a market, research, and product design genius, will also “do the homework”, and help you shape your outline so you cover gaps in the existing market.

This de-risks your book before you even write it.

So you have the best chance of commercial success.

Then when the cohort begins, week after week you’ll write one chapter at a time. Joshua will offer feedback, direction, and even corrections.

Every week, you’ll also join a live coaching call with Joshua and other aspiring authorities in your cohort to cheer one another on.

You’ll get feedback as needed, review sections where you might be stuck, or share non-obvious ideas for promoting your book for outsized success.

The Author•ity Accelerator it's a five-month program.

Months one through three are all about book outlining, drafting, and revising.

You’ll be following Joshua Lisec’s unique and counterintuitive manuscript writing process he has refined with 80+ ghostwritten books, including numerous award winners and international bestsellers.

This will work for you even when nothing else has. Otherwise, your book would be done by now and you wouldn’t even be reading this.

And then in months four and five, you get the complete Ghostpublishing experience: your book goes to pre-publication production which includes interior reformatting, cover and interior graphics designing, and publishing your book in print, audio, and digital on the world’s largest online bookshops.

All for one price. 

Now, if you try to purchase all these services and deliverables separately... this is going to be way more expensive than $25,000.

How much pricier?

Run the numbers.

A book coach costs anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000.

Editing a full-length book costs from $2,500 to $10,000.

And we haven’t even counted the price of the cover design and the layout process for the different book formats (hardcover, softcover).

And don’t get me started on the audiobook version!

So, keep in mind that you could pay at least $3,750 for a 4-hour book narration.

So if you try to get separately all we offer here, this could cost you anywhere from $60,000 to $85,000.

And again, to get all the above the Author•ity Accelerator is only $25,000, paid in five-month installments of $5,000.

And yes… the accelerator works.

Previous authors are glad they join.

How much does this cost if you try to get all these things one by one?

Anywhere from

$60,000 to $85,000.

How much do you have to invest in Joshua Lisec's Author•ity Accelerator to get your book ready?

Only $25,000.

Take this limited opportunity to become the go-to authority in your industry.

Here’s Just A Handful Of The Results Authors Get From a Joshua Lisec Book:

“I expect to break 7 figures this year just on book sales alone through my entire funnel. And it wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for Joshua Lisec.”

2022 Book of the Year

Dr. Philip Ovadia Sold 12,000 Copies In 12 Months and 10X'ed His Business

#1 International Bestseller

Bushra's Book Converts Readers into Higher-Paying Customers in Minutes

Noah's Book Upsold a New Reader a $5,000 Package in Less than 24 Hours

Industry Executives Are Making Eric's Book Required Reading for Their Leadership

#1 Bestseller and PR Magnet

Raif's Book Turns Internet Strangers into Law Firm Clients (and Makes Him the Go-To Authority for Media Attention)

Accept this limited opportunity to become the go-to authority in your industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next one?

Next program starts in the end on July. And there’s only one spot left. The next cohort starts in October, with two spots left.

How long will this take?

5 months from “LFG” to “My Book Is Out!”. You are expected to commit to 5 hours per week, minimum.

How much do I have to invest again?

Joshua Lisec’s elite ghostwriting services range from $120,000 to $220,000 for most private clients. But this program is going to be manageable and affordable for most business professionals, up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and subject matter experts who do not have a six-figure ghostwriter budget.

So you get Joshua’s expertise for a fraction of the cost of Joshua writing it himself.

But what if I haven’t decided on my book idea yet?

GOOD. That means Joshua gets to tell you the correct book idea is for you, the one which will assert the most authority in your niche and grant you the tangible benefits of authorship.

That’s the beauty of the Joshua Lisec book writing experience—you get to sit back and watch as he helps you find “the best way to say it.” That includes the book idea you should pursue—down to the title, subtitle, and chapter content itself.

Will I be writing the book myself?

Yes and no. It’s Joshua’s job to help you tell you which book idea to pursue, outline the chapters with you, and decide which anecdotes, insights, lessons, experiences, insights, and tactics go where.

Authors who’ve bought the done-with-you Joshua Lisec experience before describe writing the book as fun. Yes, fun! With a Lisec-approved outline, they (and you) are able to write with freedom and joy, going one chapter at a time, with each chapter reviewed and “persuasionized” by Lisec himself.

So the Accelerator gives you the benefit of Joshua Lisec working on your book without him “literally” ghostwriting it for you.

And if you can follow instructions and you’d like to take a break from making every single executive decision for your business, the Accelerator’s change of pace is perfect for you.

What all is included again?

This is an all-inclusive experience with no expense spared for you. Your book, written by you as guided by Joshua, will be transformed into an industry-standard masterwork—from the cover art to the citation formatting as needed to the marketing materials you’ll need for launch to the book published in the world’s largest marketplaces.

What will the group dynamics be?

Joshua is keeping the Accelerator cohort to a small, intimate group of likeminded people all in the process of developing authority. This is in contrast to the often-lonely journey of writing a book on your own. Imagine getting quality feedback on the spot from people who want you to succeed and who know what they’re talking about. That’s the Author•ity Accelerator; Joshua will curate that exact experience for you.

Do I get 1:1 time with Joshua?

Yes. There will be weekly cohort calls with you, Joshua, and the other authors for a number of months. These will be working calls, not droning lectures with basic, beginner-level Q&A. Joshua is going to give you the good stuff.

And yes, you also get 1:1 face time with Joshua and feedback direct on your book. Sometimes, that may be Joshua leaving a couple comments on a section, and everything else is solid. Other times, Joshua may have to rewrite the entire opening of a chapter to make it the best way to say it.

That’s what you want, isn’t it? 🙂

The Author•ity Accelerator makes it as easy as possible for you to write and publish your authority book short of Joshua ghostwriting the whole dang thing himself.