Bestselling Ghostwriter Joshua Lisec Helps ‘Dilbert’ Creator and Author Scott Adams Independently Publish Canceled Book

So-called ‘ghostpublishing’ gives writers benefits of traditional book contract without downsides

International bestselling ghostwriter Joshua Lisec is helping “Dilbert” cartoonist and author Scott Adams independently publish his latest book after it was canceled by Penguin Random House.

Using a method he calls “ghostpublishing,” Lisec is finishing and editing Adams’ book and then will publish it with many of the benefits of a traditional publisher but without the drawbacks. The book, Reframe Your Brain, teaches you how to reprogram yourself to be healthier, happier, and more successful.

“This book is the latest example showing traditional publishers are not necessary for authors like Scott Adams who have already developed their own audience,” said Lisec. “By using ghostpublishing, Scott can get his book to market, maintain control of it in the future and even make more money while retaining all the rights.”

Lisec developed ghostpublishing after working with numerous authors, including those who are traditionally published who did not want to suffer the long timelines and submit to editorial staff’s changes to their manuscript.

At the same time, self-publishing is known for a low bar of entry and therefore low quality, so ghostpublishing offers the pros of both traditional and independent publishing while eliminating the cons of both.

Books from Lisec’s greatest ghostpublished clients are available worldwide in hard-cover, audio and other versions from all major online book retailers while also appearing on many bookstore shelves.

Ghostpublishing works for both first-time authors and established names like Adams who already have a significant audience that is interested in their work.

“Book publishing has changed,” added Lisec. “These days, getting on the right podcast or getting a shout-out from a key influencer in your space moves more copies than going on a network TV morning show. Ghostpublishing helps you maintain control of your book so that you can focus on finding the very audience who already wants to buy it.”

Adams’ book is slated for publication this summer.

Joshua Lisec

Joshua Lisec is a #1 international and Wall Street Journal bestselling ghostwriter who has ghostwritten more than 80 books since 2011 on everything from metabolic health and internet marketing to political tell-alls and current events reporting that have been translated into several languages

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