Ghostpublishing gives you a business.

The other guys give you a Word document.

Publishing a book creates instant credibility that propels your business to new heights.

The key word is publishing.

Aspiring authors who hire a freelance ghostwriter, write their book with a partner or editor, or just DIY the whole thing themselves feel they have completed a monumental task.

But typing The End is not, in fact, the end.

A text file on the computer is not an authority-building asset. It’s not a 24/7 lead-generator. And it’s not Intellectual Property you need to leverage for bigger and bigger opportunities.

Unless that book is published and published right, it’s not a real book.

So what’s an aspiring author to do?

Traditional publishing requires submitting to cosmopolitan gatekeepers, waiting two to five years, and relinquishing creative control to subcontractors who likely have zero background in your industry.

For the serious professional, traditional publishing is unacceptable. Still, the independent alternative—self-publishing—seems no better. If any ole Joel can upload a file to Amazon and sell it for $0.99, any ole Joel will.

At present, Amazon lists 32.8 million books for sale, a hefty share of which are self-published tripe that sells fewer than one copy.

An industry-disrupting, civilization-altering book deserves better than the online equivalent of the slush pile.

Don’t risk the upside of authorship with low-control, low-cost alternatives.

Your book deserves better.

Your book deserves the best.


The Best Way to Publish It

Ghostpublishing, the brainchild of Joshua Lisec, combines the best of pros of both traditional publishing and self-publishing and eliminates the cons of each.

With Ghostpublishing, bringing your book to life and to print is no longer an either/or problem; it’s a both/and solution.

No more do aspiring authors have to choose between complete creative control . . . and figuring it all out on their own. Between going big and professional . . . and retaining all their rights to their book.

So Why “Ghostpublishing”?

Because it’s a lot like ghostwriting. With ghostwriting, someone else does the hard part, and your name appears on the cover. Ghostpublishing is that . . . for the entire book production process once the manuscript is complete.

Lisec Ghostwriting handles all the essential behind-the-scenes tasks of launching your own publishing imprint, big or small, and the result is a bookstore-quality production in hardcover, paperback, digital, and audio.

And of course, Ghostpublishing can bring you into real bookstores for further visibility, clout, and reach.

Unlike a typical self-published job, a Lisec-ghostpublished book gives authors a best-in-class first impression. Having all editions of your book available for sale and with industry-standard quality proves you took your book seriously—which means they will, too.

No sourcing, warehousing, fulfillment, or shipping required. And no pallets of books collecting dust in your garage, either.

The quality of your ghostpublished book is so good, people will think it's from a major publisher.

Ghostpublishing deploys all available twenty-first century publishing technologies to transform a manuscript into a masterpiece your industry—and your family—can cherish for decades to come.

Ghostpublishing means your book is done in full and done right the first time.

And with Lisec Ghostwriting, you can trust that your book will tell the most compelling version of your story in your words and in your voice.

So sit back, collect the royalty checks, handle all the new business that comes your way, and let Lisec Ghostwriting handle everything.