The Bookseller: It’s Time to Give Ghostwriters Their Due

Joshua Lisec writes in The Bookseller that it’s time to ‘release the ghosts’

When I worked at a library as a teenager, one of my duties was to unbox and process newly released novels, and I noticed something that has stuck with me.There were some authors who had a book out every couple of months. When I skimmed them, they were well-written, with tight plots and exciting characters. But even then, I knew there was no way an author could churn out a full-length novel at this rate, especially at this level of quality. And to do that while touring the country, giving book readings, interviews, and writing guest columns for various news outlets?

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Joshua Lisec

Joshua Lisec is a #1 international and Wall Street Journal bestselling ghostwriter who has ghostwritten more than 80 books since 2011 on everything from metabolic health and internet marketing to political tell-alls and current events reporting that have been translated into several languages

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