The Master Persuader Cohort

Write the most important piece of content you need right now — and become a master persuader in the process.

Here's how it works

Whether you’re writing a sales page, an email sequence, or the opening chapters of your first book, you will work with the world’s leading Ghostwriter, Hypnotist, and Persuader-for-Hire, Joshua Lisec, to get it done with maximal persuasion.

Week 1

Session 1 – Your “This Has to Work” Piece of Content

Choose your highest-ROI content type and topic (e.g., sales letter for new course, your first book, webinar script, email launch sequence, etc.)

Session 2 – Stress-free idea generation

“Brain dump” everything readers need to know in order to get the result your writing promises

Week 2

Session 3 – Persuasionize your writing

Restructure the topics and sections for maximal persuasion

Session 4 – Make it stick

Fill in the topical gaps and create transitions (“literary connective tissue”)

Week 3

Session 5 – Cull the anti-persuasion, part 1

Let Joshua look over your shoulder and refine your writing.

Session 6 – Cull the anti-persuasion, part 2

Take your "good" writing and make it sing ... or sting.

Cohort Structure

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