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Well, this bigly 👇

$1 million USD earned from ghostwriting in 12 months

Picture a world where you have the power to:

And overcome objections and challenges . . .

Achieve unimaginable results, while discovering your authentic voice and ditching time-wasting tactics and outdated methods.

All of this is within your grasp with the unparalleled power of persuasion on your side.

But first, here’s something crucial about it you need to know.

The world is overflowing with resources on persuasion, sales, and writing . . .

Yet so many entrepreneurs still struggle to see results after consuming countless courses and content.

True mastery of persuasion goes beyond that.

Because becoming a master persuader takes more than just a few courses.

And there’s no one-stop shop to learn everything you need to know.

Or maybe I should have said that it didn’t exist until now . . .

Because I’ve created the most complete persuasion program to date.


Master Persuader Insiders:

Unlock Limitless Success and Win Bigly With The Art Of World-Class Persuasion

This groundbreaking program is your all-in-one destination for mastering the art of persuasion like never before.

I’ve poured my heart, soul, and years of expertise into crafting the most comprehensive and results-driven persuasion resources available today.

And I’ve combined two of the most effective methods for learning persuasion – my subscription “The Best Way Insiders” and my “Master Persuader Cohort” – into a single program.

So it’s time to reveal four crucial truths about Master Persuader Insiders:

First, this program is unlike any other persuasion resource you’ve seen.

Yes, there’s a lot of information on “persuasiveness” out there.

But this is the only comprehensive one-stop resource on persuasion, created by the world’s only certified ghostwriter + certified hypnotist.

I’m sharing this *not* to brag . . .

But to give you confidence in the level of expertise you’ll be learning from.

Imagine the difference between learning to cook from a novice versus a Michelin-starred chef – it’s a world apart.

Second, Master Persuader Insiders is an investment of several hundred dollars.

But this brings us to the third point:

This may be one of the most crucial investments you make for your business.


Because you’re investing in someone who’s made millions for themselves and their clients using the power of persuasion.

That’s the knowledge and skill I’ll impart to you.

Now, let’s discuss the fourth critical truth:

Everything you read here is genuine.

I’m not claiming to be a saint, but the fact is, honesty is one of the most powerful tools in persuasion.

And if you’re ready to weaponize the truth like a master persuader, keep reading:

Here's how Master Persuader Insiders Works

Join me, the world’s only Certified Ghostwriter and Certified Hypnotist, as we journey together to unlock the hidden power of persuasion that lies within you.

You won’t find anything like this anywhere else.

This is not just another program on “persuasiveness.”

This is your gateway to becoming an unstoppable force in business, communication, and life.

And the mechanic of this program is simple and effective:

Every two weeks, you’ll be treated to an immersive LIVE Action Guide, where I’ll personally equip you with:

I’ve designed this program to be the most efficient, effective, and enjoyable way to add persuasive writing to your talent stack.

So say goodbye to information overload and embrace the perfect balance of learning and implementation.

And . . .

Become a master persuader and get real results for your business.

And before you ask:

"Joshua, but what if I miss a Live Action Guide?"

Fear thee not!

All sessions will be recorded.

And you’ll have lifetime access to the recordings.

“Why biweekly?”

That’s on purpose.

It gives you enough time to:

All without getting overwhelmed.

Ever wonder why so many people stagnate . . .

Even when they consume tons of information?

That’s the reason!

They’re suffering from information overload.

Well, that won’t happen here.

Here you’ll get the right amount of information to learn and advance.

To unlock more results and profits with less effort . . .

Thanks to the power of world-class persuasion.

And that's not the only perk of this program

If you join today you’ll also get:

Bonus #1

One Year Access to the Master Persuader Community

(Total Value: $399)

An exclusive online hub where entrepreneurs, content creators, and freelancers unite to refine their persuasion, practice new techniques, and maximize their potential.

Bonus #2

The Best Way To Copywrite It

(Total Value: $399)

Unlock your hypnotic potential.

The Best Way to Copywrite It uses the principles of hypnosis to speak to your customers’ deepest desires and have them accept your words just like that.

Not to manipulate someone into buying something they don’t need—but to open their eyes to the product they’ve been searching for, even if they didn’t know it existed.

This is a small preview of the info you’ll find inside The Best Way to Copywrite It:

Bonus 3

The Best Way To Hypnotize Yourself

(Total Value: $99.00)

Master self-hypnosis techniques to revolutionize your writing process, eliminate doubt and anxiety, and unleash your full creative potential.

Imagine getting a skill upgrade without “improving” your written persuasion the usual, hard way.

With The Best Way to Hypnotize Yourself, you’re downloading The Best Way to Say It into your subconscious, so you’ll write without thinking twice or referencing anything.

A glimpse of what happens when you leverage The Best Way to Hypnotize Yourself:

Bonus 4

The Best Way to Write with AI

(Total Value: $99.00)

In this previously unreleased issue of Best Way Insiders, I will teach you how to use, abuse, leverage, and exploit AI writing assistants in a way nobody else is talking about right now.

The process is ripped straight from The Best Way to Say It.

Once you see it, you won’t be able to unsee it, and you won’t believe you hadn’t thought of it already.

Hint: This is not about making AI write for you, which I do not believe in. Generative AI tools create vague, abstract, corporate communications, even the latest generation of AI write-from-scratch tools.

And that’s what makes this issue so fun and useful.

You’ll make your best writing ever come faster and easier than ever — all while making AI your beeyotch.

Bonus 5

The Best Way to Title Your Product

(Total Value: $99.00)

Everybody judges a book by its cover, but they judge the cover by its title.

What’s true for books applies also to ebooks, courses, workshops, webinars, communities, cohorts, coaching packages, and consulting offers.

If your offer’s title sucks, then so will your revenue from it!

This previously unreleased issue of Best Way Insiders will teach you the best way to title your next product or service to cultivate a primal desire for you — even if people have no clue who TF you are. And because my methods work, they don’t need to!

Here's What The Big Shots Say About Yours Truly:

"Joshua Lisec is the #1 ghostwriter in the world."
Ed Latimore
Retired Professional Boxer, Influencer, Author
“I interviewed 300 ghostwriters. But I chose Joshua Lisec. Every time, I think, ‘Wow, I couldn’t have written it better.’ As a CEO and entrepreneur, I always have a vision. A lot of writers fail when they work with high-level people. They say, ‘I need more information.’ If I have to spend 10 hours explaining every detail, why would I even need a ghostwriter? They can’t fill the gap. Joshua can."
Michael Ambros
CEO, eKomi – The Feedback Company – The World's Largest Authentic Reviews & Ratings Provider
“Joshua Lisec is an expert on ghostwriting and getting published. Talk to him. You know you’re getting expert advice from somebody who’s done it a number of times.”
Scott Adams
Dilbert Creator & New York Times Bestselling Author
“Freaking EPIC . . . I am so impressed . . . Your advice on charging what you’re worth is some of the best I have seen on the topic. It resonated so well with me!”
Bushra Azhar
Founder, The Persuasion Revolution & #1 International Bestselling Author of Mass Persuasion Method

Here's What Customers Say About My Methods

“How much do I need to invest to become a master of persuasion?”

Here’s a plump and juicy fact:

Real, true, and hypnotic persuasion. . .

The kind of persuasion that makes people put down a book, go get their credit card, and sign up for a $50,000 service . . .

The kind of persuasion I apply to build million-dollar book funnels.

The kind of persuasion I teach.

Worth. The. Big. Bucks.

That’s why clients pay me:

And let me be clear:

I’m not talking about those figures to flex or brag.

But to give you a clear idea of how real, effective, and solid persuasion works.

Because this skill is MONEY!

And it works both ways.

It’s a profitable skill to have . . .

And it’s expensive when you don’t have it.

Because when you are not persuasive enough . . .

You are burning money, deals, and opportunities.

But great things happen when you know persuasion!

You type words on a screen.

Total strangers on the interwebs read them.

And just because those words you wrote . . .

They buy.

Later you look at your phone, see the sale notification, and smile.


That’s why clients pay lumpy sums of money to me.

As I told you:

Persuasion = money.

Now, to answer your question . . .

How much to invest to master persuasion?

Today you won’t have to pay:

Although in the market you’d find pricier things that don’t teach you half of what you’re going to learn if you decide to join right now . . .

To become a master persuader, your investment today is only $2,979


Or 12 installments of $198

Yes, I know that for what you’re getting, that’s a crazy low price.

That’s why I’ll limit access to the offer on March XX at 11:59 p.m. EST.

So, if you want to join now, click the button below.

“I think I’m sold, but is this really the best way to learn persuasion?”

If you follow me on Twitter, and if you know my products . . .

Then you may already know that I’ve got a Best Way for everything.

And yes!

This is the best way to learn persuasion, bar none.

My unique, hands-on approach guarantees that you won’t just learn persuasion – you’ll become a Master Persuader.

And the reason is simple.

You’ve bought a metric ton of books, courses, and other products . . .

And what happened?

Well, what happens in most cases is . . .

These materials just sit in storage, forgotten, collecting dust.

Yep, most ebooks, courses, and info products are purchased . . .

But they are NOT consumed . . .

Let alone put them into practice!

Now, what happens in The Master Persuader Insiders is different.

Because instead of seeing a guy lecturing you on the subject.

You’ll see in real-time how a professional applies persuasive principles.

You’ll also be applying them.

And getting direct and instant feedback.

And having a great time and becoming a master persuader in the process.

I’ll help you to download all this knowledge to your brain . . .


I’m the only certified ghostwriter + certified hypnotist in the world 😉

(Yes, you are going to learn fast and well!)

You’ll be learning and grasping the what, the when, the why, and the how.

It’s like a boot camp.

You’ll not only “learn” PERSUASION!

(Which is the most important skill in your talent stack.)

You’ll be doing persuasion and living it.

And if that’s what you want . . . (Yes, you do!)

Then secure your spot right now by clicking the green button below:

I’m Joshua Lisec

Joshua Lisec is the only Certified Ghostwriter and Certified Hypnotist in the world. At age 31, he has ghostwritten 80 full-length books in almost that many niches, and has copywritten 1,000s of credibility-building articles, direct response emails, deal-winning proposals, and sold-out launch sales pages in over 100 industries.

Through The Best Way course series, Joshua has also taught persuasive writing to 2,500+ students, who apply his templates and use his workflows on books, sales pages, blog articles, white papers, proposals, grant requests, pitch decks, tweets, speeches, and more.

Clients and students worldwide trust Joshua’s one-of-a-kind ability to help them find “the best way to say it,” then infuse the right tone so it lands, and the right wordplay so it sticks.


How is this different from The Best Way Insiders and the Master Persuader Cohort?

The Best Way Insiders was a monthly subscription, while the Master Persuader Cohort was slated to be a 6-week live experience. It only made sense to combine the two.

Now, Master Persuader Insiders combines the best of both worlds with some additional perks.

You get consistent, new, and actionable knowledge (like in The Best Way Insiders).

But in a biweekly LIVE and direct experience, you get actual feedback and real-time guidance from yours truly.

Plus: you’ll have one-year access to The Master Persuader Community – an exclusive online hub where entrepreneurs, content creators, and freelancers unite to refine their persuasion skills and maximize their potential.

Is this an annual subscription?

No, Master Persuader Insiders isn’t a subscription-based program. You get access with just one payment or you have the chance to pick our payment plan: 12 monthly installments.

What if I can't attend the sessions?

No worries.

All sessions will be recorded and available to you forever.

Revisit them anytime you need a refresher.

Those videos are going to be your go-to source for all things persuasion.

Who is this for?

Master Persuader Insiders is perfect for authors, business owners, coaches, consultants, copywriters, creators, entrepreneurs, freelancers, marketers, salespeople, speakers, and trainers.

If persuasion is key to your success, this program is for you.

What if this program doesn’t work?

Like Dilbert creator Scott Adams, I believe in systems, not goals. The Master Persuader is a proven, repeatable system anyone can follow to go from lousy copy to clear, compelling, and persuasive writing that influences people to act.

In other words, the system does the work, not you. If you know how to use a keyboard, you can follow my system.

Yeah, but what if this program doesn’t work . . . for me?

OK, special snowflake. If you think nothing works for you, IDK what to tell you. Other than the fact that I don’t want to help you.

Do not buy. Go away.

Do you offer refunds?

No refunds. Full stop. Two reasons why not:

Reason 1. Even a perfect system does not work if you do not work the system. If at any point you get stuck or have questions, reach out to me at 

Yes, that is my personal email, and yes, you can expect a reply.

Reason 2. You know those fake gurus who pass other people’s Stripe notifications and bank account balances as their own?

Since I started my ghostwriting business in 2011, I’ve seen my share of fake customers. They subscribe but never buy. They book discovery calls to get free coaching. And they buy programs they never use before insisting they deserve a refund.

If that’s you, I will fight you. I will screenshot your fraudulent chargeback and shame you to my 26,000+ followers and connections across social media.

What if I need help beyond the program?

Email me at and let me know what you need.

Expect a reply within one business day.

Here’s everything you get

To become a master persuader, your investment today is only $2,979


Or 12 installments of $198

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels, struggling to connect with your audience, and watching opportunities pass you by, now is the time to take action.

The Master Persuader Insiders program will equip you with the tools, techniques, and confidence to tap into the power of persuasion and achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of.

Don’t miss out on slip through your fingers.

Join the Master Persuader Insiders now and unlock a world of limitless possibilities.