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The B2B Marketing Paradox

What it is and what to do about it

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Had you heard of the b2b marketing paradox before?

This is where most marketing teams and salespeople get stuck—it’s the space between the risky unknown and the overdone and ineffective.

The Dilemma of Marketing and Sales

When it comes to marketing and sales, there is what might work to generate (and close) more and more qualified inbound leads. But you won’t know if these tactics will work until you try, which is not a good reason to do so.

And then there are proven tactics that are so pervasive, they offer diminishing returns.

It’s a paradox; if we do what is known to work, it probably won’t, at least not as well as it used to. But if we try something new, that might not work either.

And so we turn to the experts for a third way.

We read books, attend workshops, watch seminars, consume courses, and hire the occasional third-party help. We pay a lot for this advice in time and in money, and yet the vast majority is repetitive, repackaged “fluff.”

The latest buzzword frameworks rarely provide new principles or immediately actionable strategies. They tell us what to do but not how to execute. So we’re left hanging without the specifics needed to test, optimize, and scale.

As the global economy inflates into recession conditions, what is the best way to figure out what has the best chance of working?

Break the paradox—do what works that 97.5% of other marketers haven’t figured out does work.

Innovator-Tested Persuasion Experiments

The secret to B2B marketing & sales techniques that work in 2023 and 2024 is possessing asymmetric information. It’s running your own rapid, small-scale tests based on what has already proven to work for Innovators.

B2B marketers can accomplish more with less effort by being an Early Adopter of Innovator-tested Persuasion Experiments.

So what’s a Persuasion Experiment?

Persuasion Experiment

/ per·sua·sion ex·pe·ri·ment / noun

A low-risk, small-scale, rapid marketing & sales test companies run to improve results without deploying additional resources

B2B persuasion strategist and executive ghostwriter Joshua Lisec curates a new Persuasion Experiment for you to run each and every month in Best Way™ Persuasion.

From 284 marketers
About Best Way™ Persuasion creator Joshua Lisec

Hi, I’m Joshua Lisec.​

In addition to ghostwriting business books that generate sales qualified leads in over 40 industries, I’ve helped dozens of clients add seven figures to their businesses each year by leveraging advanced persuasive writing techniques.

Persuasion Needs

Every business is unique, but every business is also similar in that they need to sell clients on their products and services. And people are people.

Persuasion Focus

I’ve found that when I help a client focus on a specific selling technique to the exclusion of all other noise, the magic can happen.

Persuasion Success

Because of my experience ghostwriting global bestsellers and working as a hypnotist (kooky, I know), I have been able to manufacture success again and again with different businesses in different niches.

The secret sauce:


In theory, persuasion is easy. In practice, it’s hard. Why is it hard? Because there are too many tips, tactics, strategies, secrets, and everything else to know what to do.

Sometimes, sifting through all of it feels like sorting your kitchen “Where does this go?” drawer.

The reality is:


of marketing and sales advice doesn’t work.

You don’t always know

which 95% though

And as a business owner juggling everything, your most precious resource—time—should not be spent on figuring out what doesn’t work.

That’s why I write a monthly newsletter where I cover in detail step-by-step with no steps skipped one elite persuasion technique that works.

Crazy, right? But simple. I show you the technique, walk you through a client’s case study, and give examples from my own products and services so the lesson sticks. And each issue is written so you can scan it and hand it off to your team for implementation.

Best Way™ Persuasion monthly case studies have included:

Closest to the Money

A case study on letting customers convince themselves that your premium prices are actually the best value.

The 97% Report

A case study on how to attract the 97% of customers competitors don’t know to reach so they don’t try.

Dark Mode

A case study on hacking human survival instinct and triggering inner turmoil that only buying from you can overcome.

Journeys within Journeys

A case study on how to own your customer’s journey so they buy everything you sell (and you can sell everything they are willing to buy).

Also Included

The Pre-Suasion Strategy

A case study on pre-handling objections so prospects decide to buy before meeting your sales team

Reputation Engines

A case study on how to compel customers to use your products and generate “you gotta buy this” word-of-mouth marketing.

MarComm Alchemy

A case study on why some pitches feel right without any explaining and why others just don’t know matter how good your sales team is.

Dual-Hemisphere Persuasion

A case study on strategically overwhelming prospects with reasons to buy so they choose you over cheaper, better-known competitors.

Value Ladders

A case study on increasing CLV without discounts or desperation.

The Essence of Marketing

A case study on causing your total addressable market to devoutly believe your marketing and trust your salespeople.

How much?

$99/month. Cancel any time.

Why so low?

Because it’s lead generation for all my other offers. I practice what I preach. So let’s all win together. Join today and implement this week.

How much for the case studies plus the Q&A + accountability implementing them right away?

$199/month. Only sign up if you are willing to take my counsel to heart and change your business to win.

Need direct feedback before testing the new marketing and sales technique?

Join every month's live Q&A.

And if you want my feedback and feedforward on how to implement each month’s case study, join the live monthly Q&A.

I’ve cultivated a reliable, intimate group of Best Way™ Persuasion superfans with brilliant BS-detectors so you can show up, get what you need, and get back to work with confidence, knowing you will do what works.

From 284 marketers

Joshua’s elite clientele include S&P 500 CEOs, Fortune 500 Executives, multibillionaire founders, angel investors, and many of the elite B2B marketers whose results you aspire to.

So what works for them is worth running micro tests for your company, too.

From 284 marketers

Best Way™ Persuasion reveals how to deploy what's quietly working right now for these and other B2B brands in 2023 and 2024.

Each month, you'll get a detailed case study and no-step-skipped implementation advice on what to add or change in order to improve your funnel—ToFu to BoFu, outbound to sales decks.

Optimize, test, scale, repeat.

These tactics are effective but not yet mainstream, so give your team access before they're copied and saturated.

And yes, they work.

“Joshua Lisec’s expertise in applied persuasion, particularly in written form, is second to none. Can’t wait to dive into the new case study every month!”
Varun Sharma, Professional Marketer

“Since Joshua is a world-class writer who knows how to create successful businesses in any market, his easy-to-read and easy-to-implement newsletter is a no-brainer.”

Brandon Finnell, Medical E-Learning Co-Founder
“In my writing career, I’ve been a reporter and major market advertising copywriter and have studied persuasion and marketing techniques for decades. I’ve also done millions of dollars in one-on-one sales. I thought I had to settle for the career I could get, but over time, Joshua has shown me how I can succeed with the one I want. Now I’m running with it.”
Cynthia Yockey, Certified Ghostwriter
“You’ll connect with people through words alone, turning cold, awkward introductions into warm conversations.”
Jennifer Widerberg, Managing Director

“As a business owner who writes to our audience of customers and prospects, I need tactics, knowledge, and wisdom that stand out, connect, and persuade”

Brandon Finnell, Medical E-Learning Co-Founder
“I joined Joshua’s Best WayPersuasion to learn the mechanics of persuasion to apply it to my technical recruiting business. Once you see how it works behind the scenes at his level, you can’t go back.
Jennifer Widerberg, Managing Director

“Joshua Lisec not only has nuclear-level persuasion skills, but his talent stack makes him a business genius. It took him just 5 minutes on a live Best WayPersuasion call to make me reconsider my entire marketing strategy. The monthly live calls and the newsletter are great tools to level up your persuasion skills to nuclear levels like Joshua’s.”

Richard C. Kastl, Design Agency Owner

Best WayPersuasion is not your typical ‘I didn’t even open it, I’m too busy’ newsletter. Each one is a must-read. I pause whatever my current activity is to indulge when the new issue arrives.
I was so used to fluff-filled, overpromising, expensive garbage. But every single Best Way™ newsletter from Joshua Lisec is real, actionable, only-your-best-friend-would-tell-you advice. You learn to think, you understand Joshua’s wisdom, and finally, you implement.
In Germany, we say ‘truffle pig’ to mean you’ve just found something amazing, like a good restaurant nobody knows about or an easy shortcut to a longstanding problem. I’ve found my truffle, and it’s Best WayPersuasion.

Katharina Stark, Artist & Engineer
“I went from a generic, boring plan to one with teeth.
Richard C. Kastl, Design Agency Owner

Why Best Way™ Persuasion Now

Because this is one of the worst possible times to sell something. Even 12 months ago, you could sell almost anything to anyone.

But now, everything is on the line, and livelihoods are based on performance.

So getting everything you can out of all you’ve got right now becomes mission-critical.

And $99/month is one of the cheapest marketing expenses you will ever pay, yet these monthly experiments could unlock the big breaks you’ve been looking for.

So, if you’re ready to win big while everyone else is pulling back, subscribe now.

Persuasion empowers you to accomplish more with less effort.

And specifically, Best Way™ Persuasion helps your entire team to stay ahead with persuasion methods from risk-tolerant Innovators, not the lagging majority.

Best Way™ Persuasion is an easy, inexpensive shortcut to more effective B2B marketing when doing what works matters now more than ever.



How It All Works

If you’ve taken The Best Way to Say It™ and read So Good They Call You a Fake, you’ve learned how to think like Lisec. You’ve also added some measure of persuasive writing to your talent stack. And you’ve probably gotten results.

Now the question is: Do you want more?

Specifically, do you want more of Joshua Lisec telling you exactly what to do to implement advanced persuasion techniques throughout your business, from the top of the funnel and even before prospects enter it . . . all the way to the bottom and they buy? And buy again and again and again?

Do you want that?

Each Best WayPersuasion monthly case study is a demonstration of an advanced business persuasion strategy that works for real Lisec clients, so you will know what to do.

This is not about reading something and then trying to figure out what to do next. Best WayPersuasion is Joshua telling you what to do, showing you how, and sending you off to the races.

It’s not about “upskilling,” it’s about results.


Joshua Lisec’s previous courses and books have helped you build your persuasive writing talent.

And with Best WayPersuasion, he’s going to help you unleash it.

As soon as you subscribe to either pricing tier, you will receive instant access to the Best Way™ Persuasion: 97% Report.

In this special case study exclusively for new Best Way™ subscribers, Joshua Lisec shows you how he identifies the staggering 97% of customers who are the most unseen, unpitched, and unserved in his clients’ industries—and therefore the most profitable and easiest to reach. Then Joshua shows you non-obvious ways he reaches these hidden megabuyers in one industry after another—and how you can, too, starting this week.

It’s a bold claim, but it’s the Best Way™. Expect nothing less.

This is a masterclass for the guys and gals that, rather than looking for the new trick, secret, or gimmick, are after the next big and solid outcome.

It’s for those who understand that results are only possible with implementation but don’t have time to implement anything else.

The Best Way™ to Delegate It will take much off your plate and put more on your ROI.

You can implement it no matter what industry you are in, how big or small your team is, or even if you’re a solopreneur.

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • A single crucial factor that you and every biz owner must uncover. (It has nothing to do with chasing new things.)
  • The shocking truth about information gurus will never talk to you about. This little gem could change your business in a drastic way, and you need to know it ASAP.​
  • An underrated ability that will give you more time, leverage, and results.​
  • The 6-word phrase that not only frees up your time but also ensures your business is using effective sales and marketing strategies.​
  • What is your main ROLE as a master delegator . . . (This will take the pressure off of your shoulders.)​
  • What are the 3 levels of implementation, and how to get your team to deploy each one for you with ease.​
  • PLUS: A simple and proven method to ensure you’re comfortable with the strategy without constantly hovering over your team. You’ll stay informed about everything without spending your whole day on Slack, going back and forth with your team.​

You will receive via email the next case study on the 3rd of the following month and on the 3rd of each subsequent month for as long as you are subscribed.

On the 3rd of each month, Lisec Ghostwriting emails you the new advanced persuasion technique case study. You’ll open the email, read the case study from your inbox at your utmost convenience, and have the option to one-click download it as a PDF so you can browse later without WiFi.

($199/Month Tier Only)

There is a LIVE Monthly Persuasion Q&A call with Joshua Lisec.

LIVE Q&A Calls with Joshua Lisec will be the First Friday of the Month at 3:00 PM Eastern Time (New York).

($199/Month Tier Only)

All calls are recorded so you can rewatch, take copious notes, and act immediately.

Do what works.*

(*that competitors haven’t yet figured out does work.)

Break the B2B marketing paradox.

Find the third way.

And win.

It’s the Best Way™.




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