Lisec Ghostwriting:

Making authorship essential, not optional; effortless, not mysterious; profitable, not vain.

Our founder, Joshua Lisec, has ghostwritten more than 80 books in more than 35 different fields, from digital marketing and technical consulting, to religious philosophy and theology education, to language learning and sporting events. He’s also written speeches for statesmen, TED Talks for household names, and sales pages that have sold more than $1 million and converted 9.5% of traffic into customers.

Authors who choose Lisec get more than a ghostwriter—they get the world’s only ghostwriter, professional hypnotist, and direct response copywriter rolled into one.

So if you would like to launch a book that drives readers to take action—from subscribing to your email list to booking a sales call with your team—Lisec Ghostwriting is the best way.

This brings us to Lisec’s clients. It’s uncommon for authors to share publicly that they had a ghostwriter. And it’s unheard of for them to praise the ghostwriter by name. But Joshua Lisec has an unparalleled track record of authors coming forward with pride to announce his involvement in their project.

Why? Watch these videos, hear from our authors in their own words, and see for yourself.

The Lisec Ghostwriting Experience

What it’s like and why it’s worth it

How Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Is Launching His Next Book

International bestselling author Scott Adams pivoted from “woke” traditional publishing to the best-in-class alternative: Ghostpublishing by Joshua Lisec.


How Dr. Philip Ovadia Sold 4,000 Copies In 6 Weeks and Built a Book Funnel

Founder of Ovadia Heart Health, Dr. Ovadia is a heart surgeon, health coach and metabolic health expert. Dr. Ovadia wanted to write the book “Stay Off My Operating Table” to educate the public on preventative heart health.


How Bushra Azhar Grew a Multi-Million Dollar Business With Mass Persuasion Method

Bushra has worked with over 12,000 people, helping small businesses master online persuasion. A self-made millionaire and best selling author of Mass Persuasion Method, Bushra, wanted to write a book that would elevate her brand so she could be taken seriously as an expert on persuasion.


How Andrew Stickel Created a Million-Dollar Book Funnel

Andy’s marketing agency helps attorneys get more clients for their law firms. He wanted his first book to attract new lawyer leads into his own funnel, so he hired Lisec Ghostwriting, and How to Get More Law Firm Clients was born.


How David A. Giersdorf Turned a Lifetime’s Worth of Ideas into an Asset

David Giersdorf is the preeminent CEO-level advisor to the cruise, travel, and tourism industry. Through Lisec Ghostwriting, Giersdorf chronicled his expertise into a system that opens doors and changes lives.


How Eric Anderton Builds Clientele With Construction Genius

Eric Anderton is a Construction Industry Leadership Coach, Author of Construction Genius and Host of the Construction Genius Podcast. Eric’s goal in writing a book was to turn his podcast into a written piece of work that would help him get more construction clients for his coaching services.


How Raiford Palmer’s Book Brings Him Clients

Raiford Palmer is an Illinois Family Law Attorney and bestselling Author of I Just Want This Done. Raiford wanted his first book to share his unique approach to divorce and act as a “business card” pulling in new clients.


How Co-Author Couple Jonathan and Adriana Prescott Disrupted Education

Jonathan and Adriana co-founded a premium online community for homeschool parents and wanted a way to monetize their expertise in an affordable way for families. So they came to Lisec Ghostwriting.


How Noah Revoy’s Become Immune To Manipulation Upsells Readers Into Clients

Noah Revoy from the Natural Law Institute and Author of Become Immune To Manipulation wanted this book to focus on choosing the path of integrity and the best ways to defend against attacks of manipulation. Within one day of a reader purchasing the book, Noah sold a $4,700 coaching package.


How John Sterling’s Sales for Noobs Became a Self Published Bestseller

John Sterling is the Founder of Noob School, Author of Sales for Noobs and Host of the Noob School Podcast. Using decades of expertise in training high-level salespeople, John wanted to write a book outlining how to begin your sales career like a well seasoned pro.


Readers Favorite Awarded Ramesh Dontha’s 60 Minute Start Up the Gold Medal For #1 Marketing Book

Ramesh Dontha is a revered Serial Entrepreneur, Blogger and Author of 60 Minute Start Up. Proudly ghostwritten by Lisec, this book received the Readers Favorite 5 Star Seal and the Gold Medal for the book Marketing Strategies category in 2020.


How JiNan George’s Used The IP Miracle As a Marketing Asset for Neo IP

JiNan George is the Founder of Neo IP and Author of The IP Miracle. JiNan wanted her debut book to set the record straight on intellectual property misconceptions and how to convert ideas into assets that generate revenue.


How Jenn Scalia’s Your First Six Figures Became the #1 International Bestseller and Solidified Her as the Go-To Expert For Entrepreneurs

Jenn built a 7 figure business in 3 years and now teaches others to do the same. A renowned business coach and best selling author of Your First Six Figures, Jenn wanted to write a book that laid out the strategies she used to earn her first six figures.


How Stephanie Sikora’s simplified. Became the #1 National Bestseller

Stephanie Sikora is the Owner of Life Made Simple LLC, Professional Organizer, Life Systems Expert, Speaker and bestselling Author of simplified. Stephanie wanted her message to reach more people than she could one on one, so she enlisted the help of Lisec Ghostwriting.


How Lisa Carpenter’s Let’s E.A.T! Became Canada’s #1 Bestseller

Lisa is a revered expert in health and wellness coaching and the bestselling Author of Let’s E.A.T! She wanted to write a book on full frontal living that bridged the gap between coaching sessions and made her teachings accessible.


How Luke Weinhagen’s Book Started Live Primal Skills Classes

Luke Weinhagen, Founder of Dangerously Competent and Author of The Primal Primer, is an expert on situational awareness, risk assessment and self-sufficiency. Luke wanted his book to teach others how they can survive anything and prioritize their needs.


“A book gives me a platform on which to speak.

People are always asking me to tell my story. What I like about Josuha’s process is that there IS a process. He poses questions and draws things out of me. I like the way we can just jump into the conversation and get what we need. We’re always moving.

Joshua’s timely and easy to talk to. Sometimes it feels like a counseling session, but that’s how you draw a lot out of people!”
Gerren Sprauve
CEO, Clean Slate Janitorial Solutions, Motivational Speaker

"Joshua is humble, a great listener, and a wonderful encourager.

Even when I am certain my ideas were crazy or downright stupid, he would encourage me to keep moving. He is a good coach to stay on schedule and on target. The end result of the process—my book—encompasses my life lessons so I can simply help people.”
Scott McGohan
CEO, McGohan Brabender

“Have you ever heard anyone say, ‘He took those words right out of my mouth‘?

My experience with Joshua Lisec as the Ghostwriter for my book has been exactly that.

Joshua embodies the definition of ‘genius.’ Let him know where you want your book headed, and let him get to work!”
David Allen
Serial Entrepreneur, Inventor of the World’s First Telepresence Technology

"I interviewed 300 ghostwriters. But I chose Joshua Lisec.

Joshua is confident and quick. Every time, I think, ‘Wow, I couldn’t have written it better.’ As a CEO and entrepreneur, I always have a vision. A lot of writers fail when they work with high-level people. They say, ‘I need more information.’ If I have to spend 10 hours explaining every detail, why would I even need a ghostwriter? They can’t fill the gap. Joshua can.

Because of Joshua, I now spend 5 minutes on something that used to take me 10 hours. If you give him a vision, Joshua can make it real. He’s like an architect. Tell him you want a skyscraper, and he’ll create a plan and build it. That’s his value.”
Michael Ambros
CEO, eKomi – The Feedback Company – Europe’s premiere and largest provider of transaction-based reviews and ratings


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