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Joshua Lisec from Lisec Ghostwriting here.

We’ve been featured in Forbes, TED, Newsweek, Publisher’s Weekly, and more.

I’ve ghostwritten 88 books for attorneys like you, physicians, investors, and CEOs, and I’m an award-winning, international bestselling author myself.

But let’s talk about your law firm. Divorce law.

Divorce is the most painful season of a person’s life. And you only get one shot to get it right. With child custody and division of assets, there are no do-overs. No takebacksies. When someone loses in divorce, they lose everything that ever mattered to them. And the reason they lose is because they chose the wrong legal representation.

They did some googling, asked around, and ended up in the office of some lawyer who talked a big game. And that’s when their trouble started.

They just didn’t know any better. And look, these high falutin’ big shots advertise, do the PR campaigns, and spend a fortune on search ads. But all that is low effort, low value, and it shows.

It just doesn’t last.

Now consider the classy way to promote your law firm and educate divorcing couples on the second most important decision of their lives: Publishing a book.

A book is a tangible, physical representation of your expertise.

It’s a masterpiece that proves to potential divorce clients that you are worth choosing. You understand them. You lead them buy the hand. You’ll take care of them. All this your book communicates explicitly—so when your book says “choose me,” they just say yes.

Now, I’ve been ghostwriting for lawyers, physicians, litigators, and counselors for 12.5 years. And the #1 reason people keep giving for wanting to do a book with us is this:

“I’m an expert, but I’m not the authority because I don’t have a book. I need a book.”
So if you like the idea of writing a valuable book that can educate your market and keep them from the perils of choosing the wrong legal representation in their divorce, The LISEC Method.
What is the LISEC Method?

It’s the best way to write a book that:

Here’s how it works:

List the stories and insights that need to go in your book.

Inquire of the market why they bought other divorce books and how you can deliver what those books did not.

Structure all your topics into a step-by-step process readers can easily follow.

Elicit emotion with relatable anecdotes and examples spread throughout with strategically opened & closed loops.

Convert readers into sales qualified leads with the right offer inside the book itself.

That’s the way.

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