How to Be Interesting, Build a Quality Audience, and Tell True Stories That Make People Trust You

. . . Without Making a Fool of Yourself or Being Something You’re Not

(Even if You Don’t Have a Huge Network of Influential People Promoting You)

From The Best Way To Say It™ creator and bestselling author of So Good They Call You a Fake— Joshua Lisec — comes a 14-day personal branding-meets-self-expression program unlike any you’ve taken yet.

I have a problem.

I get emails like these every week.

You see, I have stalkers.

Yes, these were at one time complete internet-strangers.

And yet they buy everything I sell, sight unseen.

They follow my posts, read my emails, stream my interviews, read my books (and my clients’ books), and hold entire conversations with me—all in their head.

Give me 5 minutes, and I will teach you how to have this problem, too.

How to Foment a Mass Internet Mob Who Reads, Adores, and Memorizes Your Content Like Some Sacred Holy Book

Dear Friend,

If you want to get attention, keep that attention, and convert that attention into long-term, high-paying customer relationships, we need to talk.

About personal branding.

You see, I used to think that the best way to build my brand and make money online was to “poast physique” — to talk about my services, share testimonials, and otherwise end every tweet, email, and interview with “. . . and don’t forget to schedule your free call!”

That was hard. It’s hard because there was a deathly objection I failed to handle:

Who are you again?

But this is exactly what happens to most entrepreneurs, founders, and of course freelancers.

You talk about what you do, but you leave out who you are.

So when actual qualified prospects visit your social media profiles, skim your emails, and peep a glance at your website, you’re just a big ole question mark.

Remember that one scene in Toy Story 2 with Woody and Prospector?

Andy’s favorite toy had no idea he was a collector’s item from a hit 1950s TV show; Woody thought he was just a child’s used plaything.

“You don’t know who you are . . . do you?”

That’s most people. Probably you, too.

The result:

Qualified leads, dream 100 clients, and VIPs who with one DM could give you the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for . . . they don’t know who you are.

Because you don’t know who you are.

I’ll prove it.

I want you to think about something real quick.

Think about this:

What do your ideal customers associate you with?


. . .

K, time’s up!

How was that?

Fuzzy, huh?

Maybe a blank.

Or a couple of half-ideas . . . kind of.

If you’re being honest?

You’re not really sure.

See, there’s what you want people to associate you with . . . how you want them to “place” you . . . but do they?

Probably not.

And that’s why you’re still reading this.

You need to know the answer.

So do your ideal customers.

But that uncertainty?

That means your online presence is making a MASSIVE unforced error right now.

It’s probably costing you opportunities you were perfect for — ones that will not come around again for a long, long time.

And that unforced error is that you have NO distinguishable personal brand. Your e-dentity is a walkin’, talkin’, tweetin’ question mark.

If I go to your social media right now, browse around, check out your website, get on your list, this is me: visible confusion.

me, reading your socials and your website trying to figure out what TF you’re an expert in

I don’t know why I should follow you. Subscribe to you. Read you. Buy from you. Schedule a call with you. Introduce you to my network. Hire you.

Because I don’t know you.

I don’t know anything about you.

You come off like an advertisement for . . . something. Don’t know if I need it though.

But you also share some news, inspirational quotes, and the occasional sports story.

Maybe you’re a bot, I wonder.

A lot of people wonder that about you.

So as soon as we click away from your content, we forget you.

That is the last thing you want if you’re trying to grow a business online, make elite connections, or become a recognized authority in your industry.

And yet . . .

There’s a very good reason you have NOT done “personal branding.” Isn’t there?

(Yes, I’m about to let you off the hook — keep reading.)

I’ll come out and say it:

Most personal branding efforts are foolish. Hack-y and hokey. Inauthentic and cringe. Fake but not in a So Good way.

To put it another way:

The RISKS of personal branding DO outweigh the pros — much of the time!

Which means . . .

It’s better to be anonymous than to get doxxed, canceled, and fired.


Better to have ghost-town social media and outdated website than alienate people or discredit yourself.


Better off being private online than struggling for years to balance personal stories and polarizing content.


Or am I wrong?

Well, if you “do” personal branding wrong, then yeah — the cons outweigh the pros by a hefty margin.

And that seems to be the fate of most tell-the-world-about-myself personal brand misadventures.

Any of these look familiar?

5 Ways to BOTCH Your Personal Brand



Injecting too much personality into your content is a thing. Too much character overshadows and otherwise distracts from your work. Better NO online presence than one that gives customers “the Ick.”


Muh Vulnerability

Like the first botch, this personal branding hacktic turns people away. Yes, you look like a heel taking a selfie in tears. No, you should not have posted that.


The Wannabe

Every wantrepreneur on Twitter X says they’re “building to $100K months” or whatever. Others call themselves “Top CEO” or “#1 Coach” despite a meager 74 followers and $2K MRR. Faking it is not making it. We see through you.


Attention Is Everything

In the last year on Twitter X alone, young guys have gone viral for bragging about committing sins that wild horses could not drag out of me. They’re playing 2D Chess, not 4D Checkers. So put a shirt on, stop stealing traffic, don’t screenshot whose phone numbers you have, and don’t dunk on your girlfriend for not binging podcasts. Dignity, my guy. Have a little.


“I Would Totally Buy That!”

Just because you amass a following doesn’t mean they’re worth anything. It’s possible (easy) to go viral and build a pseudotribe. This is the way of 200,000 followers, 20 million impression, and yet weasley $2,000 product launches. Even though your surveys said your followers would “totally” buy your new thing. Why put in the effort in the first place? You’re basically a circus monkey. Except you’re glued to your phone all day.

Here’s what all this means:

We have ourselves here a Personal Brand Paradox:

Having no reputation, cred, or clout is bad.

A bad name is worse.

What’s a motivated entrepreneur to do?

Obviously this:

Knowing me, you might be wondering . . .

Why is known ghostwriter Joshua Lisec talking about personal branding?

Simple, really.

To make it online in 2024, you have to know yourself and be able to communicate your value to the outside world.

It goes like this:

That formula means you have to be able to write.

About yourself.

Which is hard.

Yet that is exactly how you build a tribe of zealous buyers who binge your content and set a budget aside for everything you’ll sell.

Yet that’s the rub, isn’t it?

Personal branding is hard — why?

Because writing is hard.

And writing about yourself is the hardest.

Because if you don’t know who you are, you don’t know what to write about.

But you can’t not do this right.

After all, personal branding is what people immediately think about you when they see your name, face, or content.

What do they associate with you?

You get to decide that.

You have to decide that.

Only by writing about it — a lot.

Let me make that easier for you.


How to Be Interesting, Build a Quality Audience, and Tell True Stories That Make People Trust You

. . . Without Making a Fool of Yourself or Being Something You’re Not

(Even if You Don’t Have a Huge Network of Influential People Promoting You)

“This was the most focused improvement to my writing since The Best Way to Say It (and of course, I used those techniques as I was doing it!). It has given me a new system for writing about what I offer and rewired my brain to make personal branding more natural and persuasive.
Ben Langrill
Cybersecurity Consultant

The 14-Day Personal Branding System That Works

Make the World Have Conversations with You in Their Heads

(Yes, Your Writing Can Be THAT Haunting & Beautiful)

Here’s How This Program Works

First off, the reason most writing programs and personal branding courses don’t work is their disorganization. It’s one method, technique, approach, hint, and tutorial after another with no order, cohesion, or process. Just “try this, maybe this, then this, Idk, see how it goes.”

Yet more than 5,306 founders, marketers, and authors trust Best Way™ products because I teach you step by step with no step skipped.

That’s why this course is structured for you to follow for 14 days straight.

I tell you what to do, how to do it, and why. Then, it works.

2 Weeks to Transform Your Online Presence

(By Becoming a Persuasive Storyteller)

Here’s what we’ll cover in this self-study, on-demand program:
Day 1

From Invisible to Invincible

The Anti-Copycat Blueprint to Define Yourself and Refine Your Message into What People Want
Day 2

Triple-Crown Storytelling

The Three and ONLY Three Subjects You Must Write About to Position Yourself as Worth Reading
Day 3

The Endless Ideas Grid

A Drop-Dead Gorgeously Simple Method for Always Knowing What to Write Next
Day 4

The Phoenix Reich Technique

The Method for Structuring a Story That Makes Readers Demand More, Ripped from the Action Novel That Started It All
Day 5

How to Be Your Own Ghostwriter

The Reframe Joshua Lisec Used to Write Books That Sold 200,000+ Copies, Repurposed for You to Make You Write FAST
Day 6

Hypnotic Storytelling

Penetrate Readers’ Subconscious Minds with a Secret Hermetic Writing Technique, Used on Kings, Queens, and Emperors (until 1823)
Day 7

You’re Worth Every Penny

How to Make People Assign Tangible Value to Your Tweets, Emails, and Blogs So They Make Time to Read Your Stuff
Day 8

The Improv Reframe

The Most Difficult Performance Art Known to Man Teaches You How to Kick Writer’s Block Out Like a Drunken Patron
→ (Joshua Lisec used this same technique to find a wife, by the way.)
Day 9

The Congruency Secret

How to Consistently Write Content That Aspirationalizes You, Endears Readers, and Moves People to Buy on Your Word Alone
Day 10

Authority Branding Essentials

And the One Picture That Tells You How to Create Your Uniqueness and Make Others Recognize Your Powerful Contributions
Day 11

Advanced Authority Branding

The Not-for-Beginners Writing Tactic That Puts Fire Behind Your Words, Wards Off Time-Wasters, and Remakes You into the Role Model You’re Destined to Be
Day 12

Ego Death and Resurrection

The One Shift That Will Transform Your Writing to Make Readers Feel Alive Again (It Hurts, But It Works)
Day 13

The Zero Tolerance Policy

How to Write (And What to Write About) So You Attract Your 1,000 True Fans and Repel Everyone Else
Day 14

The New You

Locking in Your New Writing Habits So Your Storytelling Stands Out, You Build a Consistent Message, and Good, Smart People Trust You Implicitly

Pro Tip:

You’ll be immediately hooked and stop whatever you were doing each day so you can complete the exercises—because the information is fresh and ideas are flowing.

"This is the easiest to consume and most complete of all the courses l've got from Joshua Lisec. 14 days is ideal."

“The Best Way to Write about Yourself by Joshua Lisec is a practical guide to creating content that helps grow your personal brand. A lot of courses give concepts but don’t give a way to effectively apply and complete the material. Joshua has made this manageable by dividing it up into a 14-day course. Each day introduces a concept and gives you an assignment that you can immediately do.

Everything builds on top of each other. At the end of the 14 days, I learned different ways of writing that help me to write even now, after the course is complete. In fact, I have a new focused way of writing that I can still apply for my future writing.

I recommend this course for anyone who likes writing but struggles to create content that is relevant to growing their business. Also, if you’re the kind of person who feels overwhelmed with uncompleted courses, this is probably one that you might actually complete and grow in just 14 days.

Now, I’m actually going to grow through the entire course again to see how my experience is the second time around. Yes, it’s that good, I’m going to work on it again! Thanks Joshua for creating something useful and practical. This is the best way to create a course.”

Az Samad
Guitarist, composer, educator

And wait—there’s more!

Bonus Trainings (To Watch & Follow Whenever You Want!)

The Best Way™ to Get Your Writing Read

My workflow for what to post, where, and when, how, and how often — after all, this is personal branding in public, not self-journaling in private

The Best Way™ to Build Your Lore

3 ways to craft a recognizable narrative around your name, ideas, and products so everywhere people go, they’re reminded of you

The Best Way™ to Deploy Visual Persuasion

Best practices on imagery, color palettes, site design, logos, and more

The Best Way™ to Design Your Personal Brand Strategy in 5 Stupid-Simple Steps

(Need I say more?)

So! Here’s What You’ll Get:

14 total daily lesson videos (audio and transcript available as well)
4 bonus training videos (audio and transcript, too)

That’s all you need. The system does the rest.
It’s the Best Way™.

Why 14 Days?

Imagine this.

Well, you don’t have to imagine because it’s true.

From the moment you wake up and drowse your way to check your phone . . . get your morning beverage to pull you fully from slumber . . . to replying to key messages that came in overnight . . . all the way on through the duties of the day . . . till you’re exhausted and ready to unwind before bed . . .

You have zero time to waste on a stupid course.

Yet another time-suck obligation just doesn’t work. There’s no time for that.

So if you’re going to invest a little time in yourself, your writing, and your visibility every day, that’s all you have: a little time.

That’s why this program is structured to fit even the busiest schedule. Just about everyone can find a spare few minutes to watch a short, insightful video and complete a brief, intuitive writing exercise.

It’s the consistent application of this routine, lasting just a few minutes, that yields results over time.

Because personal branding isn’t something you “do” and then it’s “done.” It’s something you do and then continue doing.

And dedicating a few minutes each day for 14 days is the best way to get started.

Join Best Way To Talk About Yours

Pick Your Package

Do It Yourself

$ 198
  • 14 daily lesson videos (audio and transcript included)
  • The Best Way™ to Get Your Writing Read - Bonus Training 
  • The Best Way™ to Build Your Lore - Bonus Training 
  • The Best Way™ to Deploy Visual Persuasion - Bonus Training 
  • The Best Way™ to Design Your Personal Brand Strategy in 5 Stupid-Simple Steps - Bonus Training 
  • Lifetime access to the program

Do It Together

$ 998
  • One year access to Best Way Growth™ Community
  • 14 daily lesson videos (audio and transcript included)
  • The Best Way™ to Get Your Writing Read - Bonus Training 
  • The Best Way™ to Build Your Lore - Bonus Training 
  • The Best Way™ to Deploy Visual Persuasion - Bonus Training 
  • The Best Way™ to Design Your Personal Brand Strategy in 5 Stupid-Simple Steps - Bonus Training 
  • Lifetime access to the program


$ 7,000
  • 4 private 1:1 calls with yours truly
  • All this strategy implemented for you, tailored to the needs of your brand and business
  • One year access to Best Way Growth™ Community
  • 14 daily lesson videos (audio and transcript included)
  • The Best Way™ to Get Your Writing Read - Bonus Training 
  • The Best Way™ to Build Your Lore - Bonus Training 
  • The Best Way™ to Deploy Visual Persuasion - Bonus Training 
  • The Best Way™ to Design Your Personal Brand Strategy in 5 Stupid-Simple Steps - Bonus Training 
  • Lifetime access to the program

“But Joshua, I Have Questions!”

OK, shoot.

“But I don’t have anything to sell right now.”

OK, Alex.

Serious now, the worst way to launch your first (or next) product is when you’re invisible.

If a tree falls in a forest and there’s no customer there to hear it, it never fell, did it?

The time to build your brand, make a name, and plant your flag is long before you ever sell anything. Not right before. Or even mid-launch. That’s not smart.

“My story isn’t that great.”

I’ve ghostwritten 85 nonfiction books for celebrities, CEOs, great-grandmas, and every walk of life in between.

And I can tell you this: Everyone thinks they’re boring. Because their story — film adaptation-worthy as it may be — is too familiar. And we discount the value of what we know too well.

Don’t do that to yourself.

People can only get to know you from what you share. So this program teaches you how to share the highest-value content that only you can.

Plus, everyone is a personal brand now, like it or not. We all have to do this.

“Every topic I want to write about is already saturated.”

Yes, that’s correct. We don’t need another “Writing Guy,” “Ecommerce Queen,” or “BowTiedBowTie.”

You know what we need?


You with your foibles, faults, follies, and flexes.

So don’t even try to copy what some schmuck with a tidy-whitey smile says online.

Be the original you. And go where no one else has gone before.

This program will take you there.

“Can’t I just use AI to write about myself?”

Publishing industry insiders know this:

Memoirs are one of the only nonfiction genres AI will not be able to take over.

The reason is obvious: ChatGPT doesn’t know your life story! Your deepest loves, cherished times, hauntiest memories, and hallowed values . . . all the experiences that will endear you to your 1,000 True Fans . . . OpenAI don’t know none of that!

Could you use AI to edit your writing? Sure. That passes.

But AI will never be able to write about you, for you.

Well, not until Neuralink, but there’s still time left.

“Does this help with writer’s block?”

Writer’s block may exist; ghostwriter’s block does not.

When I write for other people, I know exactly how to say what needs to be said.

And in this program, I will teach you how to develop that same talent stack — so you can become your own ghostwriter.

It’s strange.

But it works.

So is it that strange after all?

“Why do you call this course a personal brand ‘system’?”

A tactic is a short-term fix you hope works out; a system is a long-term strategy that also gets you quick wins.

The Best Way™ To Write about Yourself is structured to give you a new identity — that of a skilled, persuasive storyteller. So think of this course as applied hypnosis. Interesting.

Only a system with multiple components laid out for you to assemble, step by step with no step skipped, is capable of doing that.

As a result, you will be clear about what you represent, stay consistent with your writing routine, and bring out the parts of you that make you different from everyone else.

This 14-day personal branding system will help you gain clarity on your message, market, and business model.

“What if I don’t need a personal brand?”

You might not.

Some products benefit from a brand story, but 99% don’t need it. When I buy a frozen veggie pizza or high-protein cereal, I don’t need a whole founder’s story before deciding to purchase. Just give me what I’m looking for — a Tool to Get the Job Done. (IYKYK)

That said, if you’re not sure that your business needs a personal brand to accompany it, you probably don’t.

So this course may not be for you.

“Do I have to complete all 14 days in a row? My cat has a dental appointment next Tuesday.”

You can skip a day if you have to. Mister Boots is worth it.

However, I prefer you complete all exercises in the manner in which they are ordered — day by day with no day skipped — but I understand.

“How long do I get access?”

This is a lifetime access course. No expiration.

“Refund policy?”

No excuses. No refunds. All sales final.

We’re all adults here.

You break it, you buy it.

OK, you got me. I’m in.

You’ll remember this:

There is a permanent advantage to becoming known in your field.

Those who are known get the best leads, the hottest job opportunities, and the secret invitations to exclusive communities, networks, meetings, and true “inner circles” you’ll never see advertised on social media.

If that’s what you want, this course will help you get there.

— by getting you out of your own way.


Stop withholding your greatness.

Build your stand-out personal brand in 14 days.

Share stories that create emotional resonance with influential people.

Attract people who want what you do in the way that you do it.

Write content that converts a higher % of your audience from ho-hum observers into stalker-level clients.

And just simply look good online.

The Best Way™ To Write About Yourself now.